Learning to Fly

I have put the Underground on hold for a year. At least in the sense of regular weekly services. There is quite a bit that goes into something like this, and frankly, I felt we/I was unprepared to do it justice. Real people and real souls are on the line with an endeavor such as […]

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When You’re Doing It Wrong

Have you ever had something you were working on that simply seemed to repeatedly get away from you? I have had this over the past 15 months with the Underground. It has been a process of beginning, being halted or derailed, figuring out what caused said derailment, and then attempting to fix it for the […]

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A Brand New Year

The year of 2018 is now upon us, and in fact has overtaken us to all intents and purposes. My studies have been quite fruitful in the couple of down weeks I had. I have found that the Underground is not quite off to the running start I had so hoped for. The cold is […]

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A Day at the Games

We have established that I am a nomad. I should not need to repeat it again except for the first time reader. This lifestyle is certainly not for everyone, and I realize that some live it vicariously through this blog, and others like it. I am writing this on a Tuesday, the feast day of […]

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I Am Deployable

There has been a lot of thought given to my current circumstances and how I really could never have gotten here on my own. I left a life that was so different, with problems that were much more benign. I often joke about how my income job is so like being deployed. I work almost […]

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We Launched

We finally got the Underground off to a start. Of course, the learning curve started all over again. The first week went well in a way, but the video volume was too low, and I found I was trying to be more like those I had seen and less of who I am. You have […]

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