Day 0 – The Preparation, The Mission

We are now on the cusp of the 21 day fast that will hopefully shake some things loose, provide clarity and insight, and will set me, and hopefully you that are joining in, on a good solid path with the Lord.

My commitment is from March 5th – March 25th, and is a typical dawn to dusk fast, with meals in the evening in moderation, as basic as possible.

I personally am fasting for clarity and a fresh influx of the Holy Spirit in my life. It is true that I have given up much, I have walked away from virtually all of the life I once knew, and have tried to completely lose myself in Him. I have tried to pick up His cross and follow Him, and die to myself in the process, but I feel the nagging that I am still not where I need to be.

My failure in this regard affects you.

I am the Lead Sheep of the Jesus Underground. Why should you follow me to the Master if I am not walking there myself? After all, there is truly little for me to gain in any other capacity except for following Him and allowing Him to totally flow and work through me to the point that my personal identity is pointless. That IS what I’ve been preaching, right?

Believe me, every message convicts me as much as it convicts you.

For this fast, I am using The Fasting Edge by Jentezen Franklin, but it has been amended and modified a bit for our purposes, so stay here with me and follow along. My goal is also to do video updates on Facebook Live as well (or Periscope, we’ll see).

I want to be filled and consumed by Him. To the very point that it is undeniable and unmistakable. To the point where petty and worldly dissipates, to the point where anger disappears, and frustration dissolves.

I can no longer afford to be me. This can only be Him. In my personal case, the mission has been defined and assigned, but it must now be connected with, and this is something that cannot be done under my own power, all personal efforts must be ceded and fully surrendered to Him and His work.

The Jesus Underground was meant for us, those who are out here loose in the wild, floating without anchor, hoping that we can only have an anchor in Jesus and becoming living examples of who He is, and obvious to any who cross our path.

That is His desire… that we surrender all and follow Him.


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