A Year Away

We left San Antonio a year ago to follow the work that sustains us. As there was no RV any longer and we were living in hotels with no vehicle, it only made sense to park our belongings in a storage unit.

Throughout the year there was much anticipation about what we wanted to trade out and what we desired to regain. I wanted my kilt back and my habit, for starters, along with some t-shirts I had left behind.

There was a possibility of moving the mattress we had left behind into the van. Things had potential of being very good. And then we opened the storage.

Destroyed. Virtually all of our belongings were decimated by rats, roaches and small ant like insects we can’t identify. Our hearts sank. Stripped of our belongings yet again. I think this is now the fourth time.

My habit is eaten in three places and you don’t buy these. In our Order, they are hand sewn in the first forty days of the Black Fast previous to installment as a Novice. For those unfamiliar, we are peregrini monks, rather than the cenobitic monks the world is most familiar with. Not that it has any real relation to our love for our monastic brothers.

The Black Fast is connected to Dark Night Of The Soul by St John of the Cross. (I most highly recommend that you read this at least once, along with The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis) 

It is a fast of 40 days, beginning on the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi and ending on our namesake’s day, November 14th, the Feast of Saint Dyfrig of Wales. 

The pectoral cross from my Postulate was there, too. I thank God for His mercy that it remained intact and unharmed. I have it on now. I don’t think I will make this error again. My kilt might be okay. I overlooked it earlier, then realized I had my hands on it without knowing. It should be fine.

I was blessed to find the two other items I had placed for safekeeping: My daughter’s last pacifier, and my son’s favorite toy car. I have been hanging on to those for dear life as they are the only things I have to remember my stolen babies by. Much of my faith battle has been a determination to let God judge and deliver sentence on the perpetrators and their heinous schemes and not to even shave the borders of doing it myself.

That is how I ended up in the Order, and how I ended up in the clergy. I have given myself to my Lord, and He has control of this. Recognize that He is your Lord whether you acknowledge Him or not, and one day you will bow before Him and declare Him so whether you like it or not.

As for my babies, I can only hope in earthly terms to conduct myself to the degree that my reputation for integrity, honesty, and commitment to a Christ centered life brings them honor and the ability to hold their heads up once I am gone. This is made quite plain to me in Proverbs and the Gospels.

I pray for them regularly and ache for them terribly.

One plastic crate seems to be outright missing. The office changed the locks while we were gone stating that someone was breaking into the units. My Snowball microphone and some other electronics were in that case that I hoped to use for the Underground.

So we will get a unit elsewhere in the coming weeks that is inside a building and not out in the open. That was a bad choice on our part, but at the time we had to have a unit we could walk to.

I am confident that God sees the best in this, and I hope to soon see it too. If not, I will simply have to trust Him.

May His peace rest on all of us.


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