A Brand New Year

The year of 2018 is now upon us, and in fact has overtaken us to all intents and purposes. My studies have been quite fruitful in the couple of down weeks I had. I have found that the Underground is not quite off to the running start I had so hoped for.

The cold is upon all of us. It’s about 20 degrees here where I am, and my toes are letting me know their displeasure. I have warmers in my boots, but they seem to be of little consequence. I am back to work, which is a blessing in itself. I also have a propane heater as well, which is my secret weapon in this chill.

The Lord is good to me.

Work seems as if it might be slow today, at least for the morning. A great pity for those forced to sleep in it last night.

We are in the beginning of a brand new year, with new lessons to learn, things to accomplish, and people to meet. You never know what you will see on the morrow, where you might end up, or even what you might be doing in this life. Yesterday I was reading an article from one of my teachers, John Piper, about having a hunger and thirst for the Gospel and a desire for God’s Word. I didn’t feel it then, but I do now.

I find myself drawn to James and 1 Peter. I am not entirely sure why those two books specifically, but they are the ones that I want to read immediately.

I miss my quiet time with God. I have not had that in a bit, the bulk of my time I am surrounded by others and cacophony, which at the end of the day can cause disconnection and other issues. There have been other roadblocks and setbacks, as well as a loss in regards to my sense of direction. The next six months should be a period of growth and preparation. Perhaps I should not be eager to jump in front of a camera, a simple podcast might be the better way to start. So many other things and people need to be in place for the Underground to fulfill it’s full potential and mission.

I started my Koine Greek classes for the third time, and you know what they say… Third time is the charm…

Somewhere deep inside of me there is a drive and desire to know what the Word says as the writers wrote it, I do believe that the translations are good, it’s nothing like that, but to be able to read it, as well as retain my Hebrew knowledge would help in a mental and spiritual fashion.

Of course there are a lot of “I” statements in this post, but there is some serious venting going on, so please excuse them.

I set my own expectations high enough to where there’s a strain to reach them. Not impossible, but difficult. I realize that absolutely none of them are within reach without the grace and help of God, but I am also certain He expects me to have goals and some sort of a battle plan.

I keep reading and hearing about this nice support system I am supposed to have in place, but I don’t. I have few if any friends that are connected to ministry, and scant few besides that. I need to be in a group, or find one somewhere. I have one close friend that I need to learn to talk to more, and He’s also my boss. I am of the solid opinion that focusing more on my prayer life is going to be the best way through all of this.

But a mentor or a group would be nice.

Another issue that I had was in populating the several websites and blogs I work on. Perhaps you have noticed that it has been a while since I wrote regular posts. Part of that is opportunity, the other is Wi-Fi to upload. Being in a weekly hotel in the cold season has resolved the latter.

Somehow I still have high hopes for what will happen this year. I believe it will be one of growth and continued blessing for our house and faith family, and I hope it will be for you as well.


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