Leaving Baytown

We were in the parking lot of a Hobby Lobby when we were approached by a gentleman named Charles who was seeking donations to a home called Heart For The City. I should probably amend that statement. First, he wanted to share the gospel with me, and what Jesus had done for him, and testimonies are always welcome with me, as one could imagine. Simply watching his demeanor, versus the artwork and such that you could see upfront, made it quite clear that much good had been done for this man, and he was a new person.

He told me about the former time he had served, and a familiar story line I hear and have experienced of family disownment and lack of support, but Heart For The City, on 601 Shotwell in Houston, gave him a family. I got a low budget pamphlet that gave a short synopsis on the front, and a list of information on the back for the main church, Templo Victoria de Houston, pastored by Emilio and Veronica Gonzalez of Pasadena, Texas.

I was compelled to give him a hug and pray for him and his ministry, as he wants to become a minister himself. He, in return, prayed for us and Coraline and went to meet his brothers who were also talking to other people in the parking lot.

One simply can’t help but think how beautiful this scenario actually is. One man, caught in the futility and terrors of life, taken in by strangers, made family, brought to Jesus, and released from all that previously bound him and held him down. Why would you not want to share this with others?

We have all been sent, and we all have our story. We all have a need for others, and a sense of family. This is much of what made the early First Century church so odd, yet so wildly successful (apart from the work of the Holy Spirit, of course).


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